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 Conservation and Restoration

We have been restoring antiques for demanding trade and private clients for over 25 years. At Whimpton House we have a team of experienced restorers from different disciplines who have the knowledge and skills to achieve superb results. Contact us to talk about your requirements. Advice is free and friendly.

Please note we have sold Whimpton House so our restorers are operating independently. We still maintain links with them and can pass messages on. 


Antique Furniture Restoration
We restore all types of antique furniture including early carved oak, Georgian and Victorian mahogany and even modern Danish designer pieces.

Knowledge of traditional finishing techniques and materials is very important and our craftsmen can call on years of experience in this regard.


We undertake cabinet work including chair repairs, drawer and carcase repairs, veneering and carving. Our stock of old, period timber, gathered over many years, means we can usually find the right wood for the job. We can also source fine veneers where necessary. 


Our finishers are adept at recovering old surfaces to retain the original patination. Where original finishes are beyond recovery items can be refinished using traditional french polishing and waxing.


All items are assessed for age, condition and style. 








Gilding, Frame Restoration, Picture Conservation and Decorative Paint Finishes


Aga Sawczuk is a qualified conservator who specialises in gilding and paint finishes. She also cleans and restores oil paintings. Over the last twenty five years she has worked on many important assigments for public institutions, designers and dealers.Some of her work can be seen at


Picture frames and mirrors can be restored; missing mouldings and carvings can be replaced and and colour matched or gilded. The renewed areas can be blended in to the original parts so the repairs are virtually invisible.


Paintings can be cleaned, repaired and relined, and missing areas of paint can be restored. 


We also do creative paint finishes, marbling, japanning, trompe l'oeil and original paintings.




An eighteenth century painted leather screen.


An eighteenth century gilt frame.


Bespoke Items


We work with designers to find solutions to problems using our unique skills and experience. By sourcing and adapting existing items or by making bespoke pieces, we look for imaginative ways to create the right effect.




A Pair of Bespoke Urn Stands

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