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Please note that I have moved from Whimpton House and so the people below are now operating independently. I still maintain links with them and can pass messages on, or you can contact them through their websites where applicable. I am continuing as an antique dealer and restoration consultant. If you need advice about any matters relating to antiques, restoration or conservation please ask. 


Tony O'Sullivan started the business in 1981 after graduating from Nottingham University. He is member of LAPADA, the Furniture History Society and the Regional Furniture Socety.


Robert de Ruiter studied art before training as an antique restorer. He has worked with and for several prestigious antique restoration firms including Charles Warmsley where he was the senior polisher. Robert is a regular fixture at Whimpton House.


Aga Sawczuk is a professional conservator with more than 25 years experience. Her commissions have included projects for national institutions, interior designers and dealers. She specialises in the conservation of paintings, water and oil gilding and decorative paint surfaces. Agnieska has a workshop at Whimpton House Stables.


Peter A'Bear has been a cabinet maker and restorer since 1977. He is an expert turner and has a particular interest in windsor chairs. Peter alternates between his business in Retford and the work he does for us at Whimpton House.


James Gale is a restorer and french polisher who is also a mechanic with an enthusiasm for classic cars.


Adrian Smith has worked for and with Whimpton House Restorations for many years repairing and polishing furniture.


We also have a number of specialists in other fields we can draw upon including upholsterers, clock repairers and brass founders.




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